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If someone asks our opinion on something (a book, a film, etc.) and we didn’t find it particularly good or interesting, we say: ‘Hmm, it was nothing to write home about.’


Although we do say ‘not to be sniffed at’ (worth having, accepting or considering) and ‘more than you can shake a stick at’ (a lot; more than you can count), both are used incorrectly in this case. When there’s ‘nothing to complain about’, things are okay—you cannot find fault with them. However, when something is ‘nothing to write home about’, it’s very mediocre and unexceptional—not particularly good or interesting.



The salad was delicious, but the steak was nothing to write home about.


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Would you like some help with your English skills?       Contact the Translation Hotline. Our bilingual native English speakers will be glad to help you!

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