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Our service focuses on professional proofreading and copy-editing of marketing, PR and advertising texts, contracts and agreements, presentations, website content and emails, mainly in the fields of medicine, technology and engineering, climate and the environment, business and marketing, and law. We count major organisations worldwide among our regular customers, including the academic publishers Springer Nature and the conference and seminar organisers FORUM · Institut für Management GmbH.

  • Our approach is consistently message-oriented
  • We provide immediate help via our Hotline service


Our prices are based on the type and scope of the respective text, and reflect the market standard. In order to determine the price for a proofreading or copy-editing assignment, we use the number of standard lines in the source text, also taking into account the specific context. The level of difficulty and the length of the text, as well as the requested deadline also influence the standard line price. We'll be happy to prepare a no-obligation estimate for you!



Proofreading and copy-editing for shorter texts can usually be delivered within 24 to 48 hours. In the case of large-scale projects on tight deadlines, we may also form teams consisting of a project manager, proofreaders and copy editors to ensure faster turnaround and optimal quality. If you need your text edited at the last minute, use our express service.



The team at the Com-Unic Hotline & Translation Service covers all major languages. Our proofreaders and copy editors are skilled professionals and native speakers of the respective language. For larger-scale projects, we form teams led by a project manager, who will serve as your primary contact. Interested in pursuing this type of project? Just ask.

We’ll be happy to prepare a no-obligation estimate for you!



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